April 01, 2019 The core spirit of MSI Gaming Desktops & Monitors - G.A.M.E MSI's commitment towards gamers has always been reflected within our motto G.A.M.E. unlimited. In its essence G.A.M.E. unlimited is our philosophy in enabling gamers to play at their maximum with limited hindrance. Allow us [...]
March 20, 2019 Enter the world of 9th gen CPU and RTX graphics cards Go get yourself a new 9th gen CPU and RTX 20 series graphics card Very seldom do we see the release of a new series of CPUs from Intel and a new GPU line-up from NVIDIA in the same 30 days. Many [...]
March 11, 2019 What is ray-tracing? To talk about ray-tracing, we first need to see how lights work in the real world. Basically, after the light come out from the source, it is reflected, absorbed or diffused based on the texture of the objects that the [...]
February 27, 2019 MSI GE75 Raider – Raptor dalam Kota dengan RTX 2070 Dengan kartu grafis baru yang diluncurkan, akan ada lebih banyak laptop yang muncul. MSI telah meluncurkan beberapa model yang dilengkapi dengan kartu grafis terbaru. Diantara mereka, produk dengan bobot lebih berat sedikit dibanding GS75 Stealth adalah MSI GE75 Raider. GE75 [...]
February 18, 2019 How to Choose Gaming PC Cases? Here’s the Guide for you! Settling on a PC case can be an arduous task. When you're done choosing the right size, you must look at other features and its overall look. Not only does it need to match your gaming setup visually but it [...]
January 31, 2019 MSI GT75 Titan – Si Buas yang sepenuhnya berevolusi dengan RTX2080 Kartu grafis generasi terbaru biasanya hanya menawarkan kecepatan yang ditingkatkan, memungkinkan gamer untuk meningkatkan resolusi dan mencapai performa yang lebih konsisten pada frame rate yang lebih tinggi. Namun, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 dan kartu grafis Turing lainnya memiliki ambisi yang lebih [...]
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