September 12, 2018 Streamer Setup Guide - Hardware Msi has streaming sessions on both youtube and facebook, sometimes we even give out small gifts during the show. streaming is definitely one of the biggest trends in the gaming industry. ninja, one of the most famous streamers on twitch, [...]
September 04, 2018 The Best mATX Streaming PC Guide : B450M MORTAR Streaming pc games to a live audience is becoming all the rage. but if you’re looking to both play and stream on your pc simultaneously, you should pick your components very carefully to ensure that both you and your [...]
September 04, 2018 Building first ATX PC for twitch streaming - B450 TOMAHAWK With the release of affordable multi-core cpus and the return of healthy competition in the processor market, streaming is no longer a task that requires pricey hardware. nonetheless, choosing the right parts for your streaming pc is still as important [...]
August 15, 2018 Pre-built PC VS. Custom PC: Which one is your best choice? The computer is an indispensable tool when it comes to daily life and work. therefore, pc users will want to purchase or upgrade their computers every once in a while. in contrast to mobile phones, home appliances, and cars, computer [...]
August 10, 2018 Giant Speaker dari GP63-73 Lebih Unggul Dibandingkan dengan Sebagian Besar Notebook Lainnya! Konsep desain gp63 dan gl63 berasal dari ge63, sedangkan gp73 dan gl73 berasal dari ge73, jadi fitur yang ada mungkin lebih sedikit dibandingkan dengan seri ge, namun 2 hal yang tidak akan dilupakan oleh model ini, 1 adalah heatpipe dan sistem pendingin, 1 [...]
August 07, 2018 Kekuatan dari Notebook Gaming Ramping GF63 15.6" dengan Bezel Tipis Konsep utama dari notebook gaming msi pada pertengahan 2018 adalah "thin bezel gaming", selain notebook gaming gs65, msi juga meluncurkan desain baru gf63 di computex 2018 di booth msi, tipe laptop gaming yang ramping dengan bezel tipis pada level performa, [...]
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