Dragon G

Motion Activated Roaring Sound and LED Pulse Lights

Detailed Models with Poly Resin Materials

Global Limited Edition 500 Sets

Product Dimensions:18.9" H (480mm) x 15.5" W (394mm) x 18.5" L (470mm)

Weight : 2.8 kg


Ultra-realistic breath pulse light with high definition ballistic roaring sound effect.

Intelligent ultra-sensitive motion detector.


Earth was at a critical juncture in year 2377 when troops of a combative alien empire invaded and arbitrarily plundered its natural resources. The war-provoking, ruthless invasion was something the peace-loving GAMING Confederations could not tolerate. So they had their invincible Dragon-G join forces with their allies and gallantly rose to the challenge of defending Earth against alien invasions.

The black metallic armor gives Dragon-G perfect defense while its monstrously powerful, leading-edge weapons help it shatter every enemy coming its way. Most amazingly, Dragon-G has the unique mastery to summon its most powerful allies, namely Thunder, Wind, Water and Fire, with audio frequencies and light rays. With various heroic abilities and combat styles, Dragon-G and its allies can swing the tide of battle in their favor, smash their enemies with ease, and achieve one glorious victory after another.


This limited, hand-made product is finely crafted and made of fragile material. The quality of this product had been examined before delivery, however, please be careful while picking and assembling. Products with any artificial damage will not be accepted to exchange nor refund to the customer.

It is not a toy and not intended for children under 14. This collectible is breakable which may result in sharp and/or ingestible parts that could injure children if misused. Keep it out of reach of children.