• Cherry MX RGB Red/ Speed Silver Switches backed with Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Full RGB LED Illumination, millions of colors and several astonishing light effects can be easily controlled by RGB Mystic Light
  • Fine-tune detailed settings with Gaming Center
  • N-Key Rollover and Windows Key Lock for smooth gaming experience
  • Dedicated Multimedia Hotkeys
  • 4x Luxury Metal Keycaps (Default) and 12x Rubber Keycaps provides excellent typing feedback
  • Sturdy palm rest for extra comfort
  • Braided Cables & Gold-plated Connector

Switches Perfected for Gaming

Using Cherry MX Red/ Silver mechanical switches, the most popular switch in the world, provide excellent feedback and over 50 million life cycles. Especially perfectly suited for gamers with a low actuation. This enables more rapid actuation during a gaming session.

RGB Mystic Light


Customize your unique playstyle in GAMING CENTER. The macro and the profiles allow you to switch your own LED effects immediately with ease.


Personalize Your Keyboard

Using MSI's RGB Mystic Light, gamers can easily change the outlook of their keyboards by choosing from millions colors and multiple effects to match their setup. Get creative by changing the colors per key. Using Mystic Light Sync, colors and effects can be easily synchronized with other RGB components and peripherals for a stunning show.


Make Every Keypress Count

No more any annoying system warning. Pressing Fn and Windows keys to switch to gaming mode which makes sure every single keypress are directly executed, no matter how many keys are pressed at the same time.

RGB Mystic Light

Hotkeys for Hardware Control

Indicated on the keyboard are hotkeys that provide direct control for MSI GAMING motherboards and graphics cards. This allows you to apply any of the three performance modes without having to switch out of the game.

RGB Mystic Light

Media Keys and USB Pass-through

1. The Vigor GK80 keyboard features dedicated media keys for easy access to volume controls and play/pause your favorite tunes while gaming.

2. GK80 also features an integrated USB pass-through port that can be used to connect other peripherals such as mice and headsets.
* Supports up to USB 2.0, 500 mAh charging

Built for GAMING

Crafted around a strong aluminum base, the Vigor GK80 Gaming Keyboard provides gamers with a solid platform for years of intensive gaming. Also provide ergonomic wrist rest for additional comfort for typing and gaming. The long USB cable is braided and connector is gold-plated for extraordinary durability.



1. Premium Metal Keycaps

The unique edge designed Metal Zinc Alloy keycaps ensure the absolute comfort and experience.

2. Double injection rubber Keycaps

Customize your favorite 12 keycaps with MSI exclusive Anti- Slip Dragon Scale texture.

Clever Design For Easy Storage

Don’t let the bad table management inflects your gaming experience!

RGB Mystic Light

Stored the extra keycaps at the backside of palm rest.

Easily hide the cable under the keyboard’s groove.

Fully Geared Up

Set up your keyboard in your own style. Vigor GK80 offer 2 different versions of keycaps, one set with luxury metal cover(4 keys), the other set is textured using double injection of rubber surface(12keys). A sturdy palm rest is also included for extra comfort during longer gaming sessions.



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