May 29, 2019 Design for Content Creators : A first look at MSI’s new Prestige Series Although gamers do need significant graphics and computing power to play the latest games, it often pales in comparison to the performance needed by content creators. however, products that specifically catered to the requirements of such professionals have remained woefully [...]
May 28, 2019 MSI X570 Motherboards Roll Out: The Best Thermal and WiFi Networking Solution for your PCs Computex is finally here and, boy, do we have some exciting surprises in store for you! a brand-new product segment, revolutionary products, and innovation form the foundation of our computex 2019 showcase. every msi product segment is designed to sate the [...]
May 28, 2019 Introducing the First UWQHD Smart Gaming Monitor Msi's drive to equip gamers with the best tools they need for a sublime gaming experience continues with our new smart gaming monitor – the optix mpg341cqr 34” uwqhd gaming monitor. from intelligent features designed to make your life easier to [...]
May 28, 2019 Introducing the New 4K Gaming Monitor- Optix MAG321CURV A 4k gaming monitor? gaming on a 4k monitor might've been an unrealistic dream due to the lack of powerful hardware in the past. however, with even consoles getting 4k support, we have reached a point where this resolution is [...]
May 27, 2019 MSI X570 Motherboards Roll Out: The Best Thermal and WiFi Networking Solution for your PCs The wait is over for those who have been on the lookout for amd’s latest generation of processors and motherboards. the x570 chipset is a premium performance offering that caters to serious gamers and professionals. amd's 400-series chipset brought [...]
May 03, 2019 Connect Your Laptop to Multiple Gaming Monitors Laptop adalah pilihan yang jelas ketika anda membutuhkan sistem portabel untuk bekerja, bersantai, atau akademis. di masa lalu, portabilitas berarti berkompromi pada hardware sedemikian rupa sehingga menggunakannya untuk aplikasi yang tidak pernah terdengar sebelumnya. namun berkat inovasi dalam ruang perangkat [...]
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