October 24, 2018 〈Fitur Eksklusif MSI〉Perkenalan Dragon Center 2.0 SATU APLIKASI, KONTROL SEPENUHNYA ATAS SISTEM GAMING ANDA Aplikasi Dragon Center 2.0 akan diinstal pada notebook gaming pengguna, Anda akan mendapatkan kontrol sepenuhnya atas PC Anda. Kuasa kendali yang tidak seperti sebelumnya dengan Dragon Center 2.0. Dengan tujuh kegunaan: System Monitor, System [...]
October 15, 2018 MSI MEG Z390 GODLIKE gets the fastest WiFi module with Killer! MEG Z390 GODLIKE DELIVERS INCREDIBLE NETWORKING PERFORMANCE There is no other motherboard coming to market that is generating more excitement than MSI's MEG Z390 GODLIKE motherboard. It is packed full of incredible hardware and features that gamers and consumers will [...]
October 05, 2018 The Advanced 3D Sound Technology - Nahimic 3 Introduction Setelah kerjasama yang sukses selama bertahun-tahun, MSI dan Nahimic kembali menjalani hubungan kemitraan. Untuk laptop gaming generasi baru, dirancang bersama dengan MSI, dan menghadirkan Nahimic 3 yang baru ke pasar gaming. Nahimic 3 adalah software audio yang didedikasikan untuk para gamer. Selain [...]
September 21, 2018 How to build a mini-ITX streaming PC? - B450I GAMING PLUS AC A Mini-ITX Streaming PC wasn't a viable option up until a few years back. However, with faster, more powerful processors and a plethora of great hardware options in the market today, it’s all about picking the right components for [...]
September 12, 2018 Streamer Setup Guide - Hardware MSI has streaming sessions on both youtube and facebook, sometimes we even give out small gifts during the show. Streaming is definitely one of the biggest trends in the gaming industry. Ninja, one of the most famous streamers on twitch, [...]
September 04, 2018 The Best mATX Streaming PC Guide : B450M MORTAR Streaming PC games to a live audience is becoming all the rage. But if you’re looking to both play and stream on your PC simultaneously, you should pick your components very carefully to ensure that both you and your [...]
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