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June 14, 2019 Makna Penamaan Laptop Gaming MSI Dimulai dari Seri... Langkah pertama yang baik adalah mulai dari yang luas. Pilihan yang luas sebenarnya dapat disederhanakan menjadi 6 seri, atau lebih lanjut lagi, menjadi 3 aspek. Seri GT Titan _ Puncak dari Segalanya - Laptop Unggulan Seri GT adalah flagship ekstrem [...]
November 22, 2018 The Ultimate Gift Guide from 300 PC Gamers 2018 On the official MSI Instagram we carried out a survey to find out exactly what it was that gamers wanted as a gift over this Christmas period. A horde of 300 people gave their opinions and we sorted through all of [...]
September 21, 2018 How to build a mini-ITX streaming PC? - B450I GAMING PLUS AC A Mini-ITX Streaming PC wasn't a viable option up until a few years back. However, with faster, more powerful processors and a plethora of great hardware options in the market today, it’s all about picking the right components for [...]
September 04, 2018 The Best mATX Streaming PC Guide : B450M MORTAR Streaming PC games to a live audience is becoming all the rage. But if you’re looking to both play and stream on your PC simultaneously, you should pick your components very carefully to ensure that both you and your [...]
September 04, 2018 Building first ATX PC for twitch streaming - B450 TOMAHAWK With the release of affordable multi-core CPUs and the return of healthy competition in the processor market, streaming is no longer a task that requires pricey hardware. Nonetheless, choosing the right parts for your streaming PC is still as important [...]
August 07, 2018 Kekuatan dari Notebook Gaming Ramping GF63 15.6" dengan Bezel Tipis Konsep utama dari notebook gaming MSI pada pertengahan 2018 adalah "Thin Bezel Gaming", selain notebook gaming GS65, MSI juga meluncurkan desain baru GF63 di Computex 2018 di booth MSI, tipe laptop gaming yang ramping dengan bezel tipis pada level performa, [...]
June 22, 2018 Build guide 2018: the best value B360 computer with visual features The pace of evolution for computer components is actually very fast. On top of the fierce competition between Intel and AMD, the two major core processor manufacturers, the graphics card market is also an all-out battleground between AMD and NVIDIA. [...]
June 05, 2018 Build guide 2018: best value Intel B360 RGB gaming PC Nowadays, building a PC is not only about making games run fast, but also about making the PC "bling" in shiny, eye-catching designs. With the rapid progress of science and technology, when professional computer gamers buy gaming PCs these days, [...]
May 29, 2018 Build guide 2018: the best high-performance Intel B360 compact computer The fun part about DIY computer assembly is picking each component individually based on your preferences, needs, and budget to create a personalized machine. The launch of the 8th generation of Intel Core processors and 300 series motherboard has taken performance [...]
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