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January 06, 2020 CES 2020 Round-up: MSI Meluncurkan Rangkaian MAG CORELIQUID dari AIO Cooler untuk CPU MSI's focus on providing quality cooling solutions continues with an innovative lineup of water coolers – the MAG Coreliquid Series. Showcased at CES 2020 for the very first time, these liquid coolers look incredible, work silently, and cool efficiently. The complete package [...]
May 29, 2019 Design for Content Creators : A first look at MSI’s new Prestige Series Although gamers do need significant graphics and computing power to play the latest games, it often pales in comparison to the performance needed by content creators. However, products that specifically catered to the requirements of such professionals have remained woefully [...]
August 10, 2018 Giant Speaker dari GP63-73 Lebih Unggul Dibandingkan dengan Sebagian Besar Notebook Lainnya! Konsep desain GP63 dan GL63 berasal dari GE63, sedangkan GP73 dan GL73 berasal dari GE73, jadi fitur yang ada mungkin lebih sedikit dibandingkan dengan seri GE, namun 2 hal yang tidak akan dilupakan oleh model ini, 1 adalah heatpipe dan sistem pendingin, 1 [...]
July 24, 2018 How to Setup Triple Curved Gaming Monitors The ultimate gaming experience, once and for all For computer users who are used to having multiple monitors, it is actually really hard for them to return to work on a single monitor. Because not only the processors are equipped [...]
July 19, 2018 Which MSI Gaming Desktop is for you? MSI offers several series of Gaming Desktop. Each of them is constituted with unique qualities that cater users with different need. In this article we are going to talk about our star-studded Gaming Desktop line-up. It doesn’t matter if [...]
May 28, 2018 Level up Your Next PC Case with the New MPG SEKIRA 500 Series! In Slavic mythology, Perun was the highest God of the Pantheon – with dominion over the sky, thunder, lightning, storms, rain, and war, among other things. He wielded a mighty Battle Axe – SEKIRA. Much like this awe-inspiring weapon, the MPG SEKIRA 500 [...]
April 11, 2018 Lebih dari 49% Peningkatan Performa pada Intel® Core i7 8750H di MSI GE63 Raider RGB NB! Beberapa minggu yang lalu pada 3 April, Intel meluncurkan platform prosesor Core i7 Generasi Ke-8 terbaru, CPU Core i7 8750H. Peningkatan Core i7 8750H bukan hanya merupakan generasi baru, namun juga peningkatan siginifikan pada arsitektur pertama 6Cores/12Threads pada platform mobile [...]
April 09, 2018 Mystic Light Membuat GE63 Raider RGB Menjadi "Fanciest Gaming" Notebook! Jika kamu membaca berita terbaru dari MSI mengenai CES 2018, kamu mungkin ingat bahwa MSI akan meluncurkan versi terbaru dari notebook gaming GE63 Raider RGB. Dan jika kamu lihat secara asli, efek cahaya yang diberikan pada produk nyata jauh lebih keren [...]
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