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April 21, 2020 Pemenang Penghargaan Red Dot 2020 & Inspirasi untuk MSI Content Creation Desktop PC Motherboard MSI - Prestige P100, Creator X299 & MEG X570 ACE Penghargaan Red Dot Design berasal dari Jerman merupakan kehormatan bagi desain berkualitas tinggi internasional, selain itu juga merupakan sertifikasi kualitas yang diimpikan oleh para designers dunia. Di sini kami ingin membagikan kepada Anda dari mana asal inspirasi produk-produk unggulan kami.     [...]
April 01, 2019 The core spirit of MSI Gaming Desktops & Monitors - G.A.M.E MSI's commitment towards gamers has always been reflected within our motto G.A.M.E. unlimited. In its essence G.A.M.E. unlimited is our philosophy in enabling gamers to play at their maximum with limited hindrance. Allow us [...]
January 24, 2019 Ready, Set, Win! Meet the MSI Undefeated Warriors. Premise Following the near-collapse of society due to overpopulation and environmental degradation, the world has entered a post-apocalyptic age where everyone is fighting to survive. Many dimensions are dangerous and completely uninhabitable. Hence, various organizations assembled specialized teams of warriors [...]
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