Green Policy

At MSI, a dedicated department was established to identify international legal requirements and customer requirements on environmental protection to cope with the increasingly stricter laws and regulations on the environmental protection of electronics products, to meet the need of the worldwide customers, provide consumers with environmental-friendly products and services, and realize green design, green resource, and green technology. The department would predict and assess corporate risks to satisfy external demands promptly. Besides, observing international eco regulations and addressing the needs of the worldwide customers, it dynamically updates substances with potential environmental hazards in the List of Controlled Hazardous Substances for Green Product for continuous monitoring, control, and trace before determining if it is necessary to change their status into banned or restricted substances.
Eco-design has been considered right at product R&D and design phases. All products adopt eco-friendly packing materials complying with the international eco regulations. In fact, all packaging materials of our products are eco-friendly so as to ensure full compliance with such international environmental protection protocols as RoHS, WEEE, and ErP. At MSI, the development of eco-friendly products with high performance is our mission and ultimate goal. By teaming up with suppliers, right from material procurement, we hope all products comply with 3R principles — reduce, recycle, and reuse and the following four aims:

  • Low Hazard
  • Extended Product Life
  • Energy Saving
  • Ease of Recycling

MSI's short-, mid- and long-term green policy planning

Short term goals Comply with legal requirements for the restriction of hazardous substances
l  Using modular designs in product development
l  Comply with energy conservation laws in each country
l  Comply with legal requirements for waste treatment
Medium term goals Focus on the development of Full Material Declaration (FMD), and to assess the appropriate time to conduct into management system
l  Strengthen our product warranty policy
l  Enhance energy-conservation effectiveness in products
l  Decrease utilization rate of composite materials and non-recyclable materials in products
Long term goals Fulfill our CSR duties; proactively assess the control or restricted/banned time to the substances of very high concern that are yet to be regulated by law.
Enhance product maintainability
Utilize renewable energy as one of the options for power supply in products
Evaluate the feasibility of adopting reused parts and components in products