Stakeholder groups and Concern Issues

The CSR Report team collected, examined, and discussed data of online survey responses on the Sustainable MSI website and identified stakeholders' issues of concern, levels of concern and significance on MSI. Besides, six major stakeholders have been listed: investors/shareholders, customers/consumers, suppliers/contractors, employees, government agencies, and the media. Responsible units communicate with stakeholder groups through different channels and listen to their issues of concern. After collecting and collating these issues, we then understand their levels of concern on sustainable issues. The significant ones would be given preferential treatment or be included in the annual operational targets.

Stakeholder Groups Concern Issues Method and Frequency of Communication


  • Financial performance
  • Corporate governance
  • Risk management
  • Shareholder’s meeting: At least annually.
  • Investor conference: From time to time.
  • Financial report: Quarterly.
  • Website: From time to time
  • Press release: From time to time.
  • CSR Report: Annually.


  • Post-delivery service
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Green product
  • Website: Irregularly.
  • Toll-free hotline 0800.
  • Online service: Initiated by customers.
  • Showrooms and service centers: Initiated by customers.
  • Internal dedicated contact window: By instant messaging or by phone.
  • Customer satisfaction survey: Irregularly.


  • Financial performance
  • Supplier management
  • Corporate governance
  • Financial report: Quarterly.
  • Bulletin board: From time to time.
  • Website: Irregularly.
  • Supplier conference: When needed.


  • Employee welfare
  • Employee development
  • Safety and health
  • Labor-management meetings: Quarterly.
  • MSI University (MSU): Irregularly
  • Employee hotline: Initiated by employees.
  • Suggestion box: Initiated by employees.
  • Employee satisfaction survey: Once two years.

Government Agencies

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Signifi­cant industrial safety or labor-management incidents
  • Labor-management relations
  • Provisions of government agencies with relevant reports just in time according to legal and regulatory requirements at the agency’s requests: As needed.
  • CSR Report: Annually.


  • Corporate operating status and pro­fit
  • Signifi­cant industrial safety or labor-management     incidents
  • Employee welfare
  • Press conference: Irregularly.
  • Press release: Irregularly.