Business Continuity Management

In 2008, MSI implemented the Business Continuity Plan and established the crisis handling cabinet and the internal communication mechanism. We also organized thematic business continuity exercises irregularly based on current events and high-risk topics and established the crisis response process and internal-external communication channels. Each time of exercise will be documented and reviewed afterwards to reduce the potential impacts on operation and minimize the risk of business interruption, delivery delay, and personnel casualty when an accident breaks out. Exercise results are stored in the intranet EIP for retrieval in emergencies. According to the major risk topics organized and inventoried, we adjusted our crisis response process, reporting system and contact window, so that the employees can make emergency notification at the very first time. In the future, we will continue to conduct exercises on major risk topics to improve the risk control and emergency response abilities of all employees. Based on the exercise results, we will review, revise, and update emergency responses, business recovery management regulations and related documents.

BCP Drilling Topics
Natural Disaster/Fire
Supplier Management/Plant in Flood
Labor-Management Dispute/Strike
IT System Risk/Information Security