Social Reward

MSI is headquartered in Zhonghe City, Taipei County, Taiwan. Zhonghe City is an early development with dense population and narrow streets. To help alleviate the traffic jam and reduce the incidence of traffic accidents during peak hours, we have been asking our security guards to assist in traffic control at the nearly intersections to reduce traffic congestion and the chance of traffic accidents. We have adopted trees along Qiaohe Road in Zhonghe since 2001 in the hope to help improve the quality of surrounding environment and the living standards of the local residents. We are a long-time sponsor of the voluntary police squad and the fire brigade in Zhonghe district and the local Bureau of Environmental Protection, providing them with supplies. We also make emergency donation to impoverished local residents. These community supports are tokens of our gratitude and giveback to the Zhonghe district.

We have established volunteer teams respectively in Baan and Kunshan facilities since 2009, provided the community service which including cleaning activity, psychological counseling, legal assistance and simple electrical appliance repair service by MSI employees spontaneously to the local residents and communities.

Warmth for Renda Senior Citizen’s Home | MSI Chinese Cabbage Day
Funds for schools with independent lunch service in remote areas in New Taipei City to purchase local vegetables or rice and to make subsidy payments on school lunches | Community Service of MSI Kunshan

Warmth for Renda Senior Citizen’s Home

For establishing the concepts of social service and corporate volunteerism, employees of MSI Shenzhen have paid visits to Renda Senior Citizen’s Home for the fourth year. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, they brought moon cakes with warm hearts to the lone and widowed elderly in their day off. Employees' sweet voluntary actions and care not only warmed the elderly's heart and stomach with the moon cakes, but also made themselves feel the happiness from sharing.

MSI Chinese Cabbage Day

MSI and Hand-in-Hand Teen’s Service Center organized the MSI Chinese Cabbage Day to help famers in Yuenlin County to sell excessive Chinese cabbage. MSI purchased 3,000kg of Chinese cabbage from farmers, and each MSI employees could collect one for free. More than 2,000 MSI employees and family benefited from this event. By directly purchasing Chinese cabbage from farmers, MSI Taipei has helped farmers to overcome difficulty. MSI Taipei also provided employees with the contact information of farmers for employees to recommend them to other friends after tasting their great vegetable. By publicizing the buying channel of farmers in Yuenlin, more people can buy vegetable from them, and they can have a better life

Funds for schools with independent lunch service in remote areas in New Taipei City to purchase local vegetables or rice and to make subsidy payments on school lunches

Since 2008, MSI has constantly supported students’ lunches for schools in remote areas in New Taipei City. The Public Charity Section is committed to connect existing public welfare activities with each other to produce the maximum synergy. We have purchased lunch ingredients such as Taiwan vegetables and rice for schools with independent lunch service in remote areas in New Taipei City. By doing so, not only formers can be taken care of, but also school students can feel the warmth from the society. The most important is improving the ingredient quality of school lunches. In 2014, we have supported 2,543 students in 27 schools and in addition, subsidized 111 children from disadvantaged families for their lunches.

Community Service of MSI Kunshan

It has been three years now since MSI Kunshan began servicing local communities. With own expertise employees maintain and clean computers and measure blood pressure for locals and provide them with legal counsel service. With continuous efforts, the community service of MSI Kunshan has won critical acclaim from locals. In 2012 the community service benefited 250 locals. MSI Kunshan will continue to serve locals with their expertise to establish good interaction with local communities.