MSI Partners with AMD, Cooler Master and Corsair, Level up to Play Fast and Play Cool

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[Taipei, Taiwan] August 6th, 2019 – The long wait has finally come to an end. The most exciting innovation of the PC Gaming industry this year is the release of AMD's 7nm processors, which unleash robust levels of gaming and multi-tasking performance. Built for the new 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen™ processors, the MSI X570 gaming motherboards deliver a unique feature set pushing the limits of next-gen hardware. Let's get started to play fast and play cool.
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Play Fast, Play Cool

In partnership with hi-performance PC hardware brands like Corsair and Cooler Master, we are pleased to announce the #PlayFastPlayCool campaign for the launch of the X570 platform. Are you looking for a kick-ass liquid cooling system and future-ready hardware? Or do you want to squeeze every possible FPS out of your system upgrades? We have pitted these two types of gamers against each other in a gaming battle of technological brawn. Only one team can be crowned king.
The “Play Fast” team stands for maximum performance, utilizing the new PCIe®; 4.0 standard as supported by AMD and Corsair. On the other side, the “Play Cool” team, led by Cooler Master, the top provider of PC Cooling solutions, stabilizes the system and keeps it cool. No matter which feature set you choose to focus on, your system doesn't have to make sacrifices. MSI motherboards are fully compatible with both teams. Developing and collaborating closely with Cooler Master and Corsair, MSI pledges to offer the most premium X570 Gaming PC’s without compromise.

We are more than excited to co-launch the #PlayFastPlayCool campaign with the top 2 gaming hardware brands in the world,” said Ted Hung, General Manager of the Computing and Display Business Unit at MSI. ” The ‘Play Fast’ and ‘Play Cool’ teams are the most interesting way to compare platform specs for gamers. It's a great co-partnership opportunity to showcase the impressive overclocking capability and compatibility of the X570 gaming motherboard lineup.”
“3rd Gen AMD Ryzen™ 3000 series desktop processors go beyond expectations for the ultimate user experience.” said Travis Kirsch, director, client computing, AMD. “The revolutionary performance and enthusiast features of 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen processors, combined with the latest manufacturing technologies enable the most flexible platform for gamers. We are excited with our industry-leading partners, including MSI, to launch new X570 motherboards supporting our unique tuning features like Precision Boost Overdrive with Automatic Overclocking for supercharged performance customization.”
“CORSAIR is proud to be a launch partner for MSI's X570 motherboard and 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen processors,” said Andy Paul, Founder and CEO of CORSAIR. “Our new FORCE MP600 SSD helps users play fast by taking full advantage of their new hardware and the PCIe® 4.0 platform, reaching phenomenal sequential read and write speeds.”
“Chilled via outstanding cooling efficiency is the key to Play Cool. Even in overloaded multitasking computing, the Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240P Mirage aims to maximize the power of the 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen 3000 series CPU in a superior, stabilized state of cool,” said Joost Gommans, Marketing Manager of Cooler Master Europe. “In addition, Cooler Master AIO cooling products are all compatible with MSI Mystic light Sync RGB software, making it easy to synchronize all system lighting and create a perfect looking RGB GAMING PC.
If you have a desire for the balance between high performance and low temperatures, build the best X570 gaming PC with us!
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